Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Messages from some of Jim's good friends ~ He was definitely loved..

i think of jim all of the time. i keep the program from his funeral on my mantle, i keep the t-shirt you gave me folded up right beside the program, and i constantly listen to the "doors" and think of him.please don't forget that i truly miss him and would always like to know when special stuff like this goes on...your friend malcolm

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Although I won't be able to attend the get together for Jim, he will surely be on my mind. This tragedy hit me pretty hard, and I'm shocked that no news has developed regarding the case. I can only imagine how tough this past year has been for you. Jim was an amazing person and a dear friend who had the uncanny ability to make me laugh. I think of Jim all the time, especially when I hear a Doors song or see a chicken tender from Burger King (he loved those!).I don't get back to Michigan very often these days but next time I'm there I would love to meet up. I have some great stories about the times we had together as well as some pictures you would enjoy seeing. If there is ever anything that I can do for you, let me know, I'd be more than happy.- Ben

Hi Joanne,Thank you very much for thinking of me. Jim and I were very close for a long time, and I have countless fond memories of my time spent over at the Westlawn house. One that comes to mind right now is of when you caught Jim and I playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Nintendo while wearing tinted ski goggles at some dark hour of the morning... It was long past our bedtime, and you were not pleased. Ha! I suppose now would be a good time to say thanks for opening up your home to me and making me always feel welcome. Looking after all of us was no small task, and you were definitely a second mom to many of the kids in the neighborhood, myself included.Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make it back to Michigan in time for the 11th. Otherwise, I would definitely attend. Jim has been on my mind a lot in the last year. It would be wonderful to see you again and look through old photos and tell stories. Despite not being able to make it, I will certainly keep Jim in my thoughts on the 11th. Thanks again for thinking of me. It means a lot. And all things considered, I hope you are well.All the best,Karl

Dear Joanne,Jim and I weren't close friends in high school, if we hung out it was usually with a group of people. But we did hang out a fair amount the summer between 8th and 9th grades. One of my good friends is Jennifer, Josh's girl friend. However, Jim was always someone I thought fondly of. He had an amazing smile and an even warmer heart. He was someone that was always nice to people and sometimes in high school that was hard to find (especially in guys). When I heard of his passing I felt that I needed to be at his viewing to pay my respects to someone who truly deserved recognition. I also wanted you to know that your son made an impression on me and others. In fact, many of my other friends that I still keep in contact with who live out of town were shocked and saddened to hear of Jim's passing. Jim was someone who EVERYONE I know liked. I hope you feel some happiness in knowing that he was well thought of by many of us, even if we weren't close friends of his.I can't imagine the pain you must feel with the loss of Jim. As you know, I have two little boys who mean the world to me. I can't imagine losing one of them. My heart aches for you, just thinking of how you must feel. I hope you find the person(s) responsible for Jim's death and I hope that he/she is punished for his/her actions. -Lynsey