Saturday, May 16, 2009


I spent the day working first in the structure on a desk I am refinishing and then when the sun came out, I headed for the outdoors. I placed all the wonderful pieces given to me for Jim's garden out in the garden today. The reflection bench from friends at work, the metal red roses from Lisa and her mom, the butterfly gazing ball from Mary and Terry, the oversized shells from Laci, the blue plate flower from Theresa, the praying angel from the 50's girls, and all those pieces with precious sayings on them....all of that and more went into the garden.

The looks really nice. The french white lilac is blooming, the Miss Kim lilacs are budding and the Korean Spice plant from Anna & George smells so great right now. Every plant has survived the winter well and all are on their way to flowering.

Larry and I purchased a forsynthia bush last week and planted it today in memory of Jim....not in the memorial garden this time but up towards the woods, near the driveway.

All of these activities should have made me feel pretty good and for the most part they have, but for some reason I've been sad and weepy since I finished. For me, I hate it that I even have a memorial garden for someone I love so much. I miss you Jim.