Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Message from a friend

When Jim was about 10years old (maybe younger, I can't remember), he learned to ski at his babysitter's place at Higgins Lake. He was a natural. I suspect that Jim was skiing right along side of Brooke last weekend.

Brooke is the granddaughter of Jim's sitter, Suzie and daughter of Bruce (Suzie's son) Jim loved Suzie and Dick and their kids: Bruce, Janice and Darlene....and he especially loved going up to Suzie and Dick's cottage at the end of summer every year. I have only happy memories from those days. If I could go back in time, that is exactly where I'd go.

Here's the email I received from Janice today:

Maybe you've already heard but Brooke just learned how to water-ski and it all happened on Jim's ski's you gave Bruce. It was so cool. It only took a few days and now she looks like a pro. Bruce was so proud of her. We were out on the pontoon at Higgins Lake and Bruce and Brooke were celebrating when Bruce said "You remember whose ski's these are?" Brooke said "Jimmie's!" She yelled out, "Jimmie would be so proud!" "Thanks Jimmie!"

It was such a cool moment. It could of only been better if you were there to see and hear! It was an ultimate moment!

Knew you would want to know!

Love ya,