Friday, September 24, 2010

Precious Moments By The Sea

I joined a grief writing group on line. The instructor is a writer with several books published. The 2nd exercise of the 6 week course is to write a poem that relates to your lost love one. I chose to write about the last time Julie, Jim and I were all together...alone just the three of us...almost exactly one year before Jim's death. I wanted to share my poem with everyone. I really like it and hope you do too. The setting is South Beach Miami, Florida.

Precious Moments By The Sea
by: Joanne (Jim's MOM)

The sun sparkles on ocean waves
Clear, bright and aqua blue
They walk along the lapping shore
Toes covered in a sandy glue

I watch as they walk on
Listen as the stories unfold
Laughter bounces on balmy breeze
They are precious to behold

This memory finds me often
The perfectness of us three
Sealed in my heart forever
Precious moments by the sea