Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The garden stones are officially back on display in Jim's garden. These stones made of cement and embellishments mean so much to me. I like to handle each one and think of the person who made they knew Jim and Jim knew them...the memories abound. In four short years the stones are beginning to show the effects of long hours in the sun. The pretty glass stones and letter pieces are falling out and the pictures used on some are faded and unrecognizable. It doesn't matter, it truly is the thought that counts.
This year I received my annual sead packets and garden gloves from Lisa's mom, had a nice conversation with Kristen, received a favorite movie of Jim's from Angie, viewed a wonderfully put together picture video of Jim from his cousin, Laura, received a beautiful 3J's monogram necklace from Julie and some of the most beautiful thoughtful cards from family and friends. I love the remembrances and the thoughtfulness of everyone. Thank you so much.
Jim, you are so missed....