Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 24, 2008

Channel 6 in Miami ran their story last night on Jim's murder. We were able to watch it live on the internet, but hey have not yet posted the video of the story to their site... once they do, I will put a link to it on the Justice for Jim site under the 'News' tab. They did a good job with the story, focusing more on the detective who is leading the investigation. I don't know that there was much new said, as their really isn't too much in the way of new information in the case, but it seemed like a well done story. They were able to use more pictures of Jim, which was nice to see. I am anxious to see it again myself as it is hard to take in all in just seeing it once.

We continue to get new hits on the website thanks to continued media coverage not only in Miami, but in Michigan as well. The Lansing State Journal ran a second article a couple of days ago, which I have posted the link for on the site.


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