Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11th - not just another day

The 11th day of the month - a day on the calendar that hasn't escaped me once since April 11, 2008. Jim would be exactly 27 years and 9 months old today but instead this is the 6th month anniversary of his tragic death. Everyday I think about it, everyday I can't believe it; but, then my thoughts continually adjust... from knowing we'll no longer see or talk to Jim to the feeling that the Miami Detectives will never find Jim's killer. It pains me that Jim will never marry, never have children and never grow old and gray. Just in 6 months he has already missed so much.

Julie was with me this morning and that meant more then anything. Jim was with us, the three J's in each others presence. He held us close as we touched his ashes and shared tears about our loss. We miss that young man so much.

Please continue to think of us and pray for peace and answers.

Love, Joanne (Jim's MOM)

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