Monday, November 10, 2008

My wonderful son

Let me tell you about my wonderful son: Jim is kind, loving, caring and a whole lot of fun. Sweetness he truly is. He is so handsome with his deep dimple and beautiful blue, blue eyes. His smile comes easy and his laugh is more then a chuckle - it will make you laugh along with him. He possesses endless wit and humor and that twinkle in his eye declares pure mischief.

For just a moment I wanted to describe Jim in the present rather then in the past; I wanted it to be like when he was alive...... He truly was a great son and I loved him with all my heart.

Recently, Larry & I spent two weeks in Hawaii. It was relaxing, warm and re-generating for my shattered soul. I was only a short beach walk away from the hotel where Jim, Julie and their father and I stayed when Jim was about 8 years old. Each morning around daybreak I would go there so I could visualize Jim once again... splashing in the ocean, building sand castles and burying his sister in the sand. He LOVED the ocean and he LOVED the beach....always. I remember slathering him up with sunscreen only to find out later that I'd forgotten to do the tops of his feet as they were so sunburned he could hardly walk. Of course, it didn't slow him down much...he loved snorkeling, parasailing, boating, and much more - all of which we did on that trip.

Jim was that kind of boy and that kind of young man. He was happiest when he was doing something a bit adventurous. He was so agile and quick on his feet. He was an awesome skateboarder, a wonderful downhill skier, a great water skier, ice skater and snowboarder. You showed him once and he had it. He loved it all.

He is so very missed. I talk to him many times a day...I often ask him to put his arms around me, to comfort me. I wish so much for just one more of his great hugs. It is so true what they say: we are better for having known him.

Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings. Please think of Jim today and always. I know he touched your heart....for him it just came natural.

Love, Jim's MOM

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  1. I always have fond memories of him. Especially as a baby with that mop of curly blond hair and those unforgettable eyes. I would just look at him and smile. Just to watch SWEET! Always trying to keep up with the "bigger" kids and not really complaining....much! hahaha Love you!