Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A wonderful friend of Jim's wrote this yesterday

Yesterday at 3:57am
MARCH 24, 2008 is the anniversary of the last time I spoke with my friend, my brother, Jim Bowerman. Jim was murdered APRIL 11TH, 2008 in his apartment in North Miami almost a year ago. I'll never forget the phone call. Jim called late as usual because he was always on Miami time, 3 hours behind Las Vegas time. I was at work when I received his call, I remember looking down at my phone and seeing Jim's name. I was surprised and happy to see it was Jim, because I hadn't heard from him since the New Year, 3 months earlier. You see, my 2008 started off with a call from Jim, and I'm glad he called! I remember looking at my phone and not recognizing the phone number, but I answered it anyway. It was Jim. Prior to this call Jim and I hadn't been getting along, we were good friends, but we fought like brothers. Again I was happy to hear from him....I remember telling him I didn't wanna fight anymore, we both agreed to put our differences behind us, and we wished each other a Happy New Year. And, to this day I am so happy he called.... Jim Bowerman definitely had one of the biggest hearts...a heart of gold...and that conversation meant the WORLD to me. Now it's MARCH 24, 2009 exactly one year later...the last time Jim and I talked. Like I said earlier he called late on his regular Miami time. I remember answering my phone and saying Danii is pregnant. As I was laughing, he said what...and I said Danii is pregnant. The reason it was so funny to me, was because she was standing in front of me, and she just told me not to tell anybody. I can still hear Jim's laugh, and if you knew Jim, he had the goofiest laugh. So funny! It was that conversation that he told me he was moving back home to Vegas in about a month. I remember telling him, it was about time. and that I couldn't wait to see him. I wish I would of known that was the last conversation I would ever have with Jim Bowerman...I struggle quite a bit with the realization of never talking with or hanging out with my friend ever again. I still can't believe Jim has been gone for almost a year. I just wanted to say...Jim you are never forgotten, but always missed. we had some good times brother. There's no doubt in my mind, you are your mother and sister's guardian angel, and you know I wouldn't leave Angie out. I know how much you loved her.
JAMES W. BOWERMAN January 11, 1981 - April 11, 2008 he had a heart that cared completely and a smile that brought such pleasure, he shared a love that brought joy beyond measure and will be forever remembered as one of lifes great treasures.

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