Monday, November 9, 2009

Time keeps marching on

It seems that solving this mystery of Jim's murder will be the 'neverending story' of my life. I remember sitting at the kitchen counter the morning after finding out Jim was gone and suddenly realizing that Jim hadn't just died, he'd been taken tragically. It was just dawning on me then, the date of April 11, 2008 - how I envision it anyway - would play over and over in my mind and in my dreams for the rest of my life. That's the shock of murder I guess and that's the horror of being the mom of a murdered child. Time has marched on but there is not a day where I forget those first moments of pain and relive them and feel them all over again. I want so badly for Jim to have a 'do over' for that day, or at the very least, I wish I had been there to shield him and spare his life. I miss you Jim. Please speak to me in my dreams...I want to know and I want justice for you. Love, MOM

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  1. I cannot believe that nothing has been discovered. I cannot imagine what you are still going through. Just know that I love ALL of you. I know we don't get to see each other but the feelings I have are still strong! Please let me know if there is ever ANYTHING I can do! A good friend of mine discovered his estranged wife and daughters burtally murdered. The a$$hole is now doing life as the family did not want to go through a trial to get the death sentence. My friend went through HELL> His inlaws even accused him. TERRIBLE.

    You have to scroll down to read the articles....