Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jim in my dreams

I saw Jim the other night in my dreams. He was sitting in a chair in my new art room. Perfect that he was there since the art room has a large window that looks right out into Jim's memorial garden. He was happy, smiling and dressed in blue long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and had on socks with the gray toes and heals. His eyes were the bluest blue. I was so excited to see him and told him so. He said he couldn't stay long. I bent down and kissed him firmly on the cheek and he gave me a hug. I then woke up. I wasn't depressed that I didn't have more time with him, I was simply elated that I got to kiss him and receive his wonderful hug. A moment with Jim was like sunshine on a spring day....I had a burst of energy and alot of happiness. I plummeted into sadness yesterday but I wouldn't trade that moment for anything - in fact I hope I have more 'visits' from Jim.
Joanne (Jim's MOM)

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