Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guardian Angel

We name our children after people we love, admire, someone from the family tree, or simply a name that we like. Parents often disagree, but once the child is named, it seems as if their name could have been no other.

Jim was not named after anyone. Jim's father said, "If it's a boy, we'll name him Hank!" I hope I'm not offending any Hanks out there, but I quickly said, "NO!" Then one day we were standing in what would later becomes Jim's room and his dad said, "I like the name Jim". So Jim it was! We knew that we needed to give Jim the proper name of James, but from the beginning he was: Jimmy, Jimbo, JimBob, and by late elementary school, he was pretty much just Jim. Among his friends in high school he was Jim and JimmyB.

Jim loved his name. He liked to write it out using his finger in the sand, the snow, the dewy wet car window and in the 'not quite set cement'....especially if he were told not to!

So it gives me joy when others want to remember and honor Jim by using his name in some way. Parker James and William James, Jim Bowerman is your guardian angel....

With love and remembrance today and always,
Joanne (Jim's MOM)


  1. Missed you this morning! Always thinking of you.

  2. I just want to say that I loved Jim so much and am honored that my son will always carry a part of Jim with him throughout his life. I look forward to telling Parker James all about Jim someday and how amazing he was and I know that Parker will be just as honored to carry the name as we were to give it to him.
    I also love that there is another little boy in this world who will get too experience the exact same pride in knowing he is named after such an amazing and wonderful person.

    Love, Jen

  3. Jen, he was amazing and so will be Parker James. Love you so much. AJ