Friday, June 20, 2008

Jim is so very missed

Thank you all for writing and thank you Julie for your committment to this website. It is true that we still have nothing to report to you but we do appreciate that you continue to check the website. When that day comes, this will be one of the first places where we will post. It will seem like a victory I suppose, but it will also be a hollow one. A conviction will seem like a hollow victory, too. is all very much what we want.

I miss Jim so much every day. I can't believe this has happened and I can't seem to get my mind around it either. Kiss your kids and hold them tight everyday of their lives.

This weekend we will begin the true labor part of Jim's Memorial Garden. A small pond and waterfall should take shape, the current arbor will be moved and planting will begin. I will take pictures as the garden progresses and will eventually have those to share.

Please consider making a garden stepping stone for Jim's garden. It will make for a beautiful memorial to a beautiful son, brother, cousin, grandson, nephew, uncle and friend. A constant sweet reminder that we all loved him and he once was upon this earth sharing his love with us.

Jim you are in our hearts forever. Love, MOM

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