Friday, April 10, 2009

MISS you Jim!!! - from Jim's cousin Tami

I will never forget the surreal phone call one year ago. I still have a hard time believing that it was true. One year ago..... How can such a sweet, kind caring person be taken away from this world. What cold, callous HEARTLESS being could take him away? They do not deserve to take another breath. Jim you are TERRIBLY missed. I look at all the pictures that I have of him on a regular basis. I will NEVER forget that silly spring horse that he loved so much and the sounds it made as he rode it everywhere....or his Big Wheel. I will never forget the sweet smile and those eyes. That curley blonde hair he had as a baby.......SOOOOO cute. Going out for pizza.....just cheese please. Getting joy from simple things..... Jim we were not close in our "adulthood" but that did not take away from the heartwarming memories/feelings we all shared. I cannot imagine the sorrow your mom and sister feel daily. If I lived closer I would HUG them tight and tell them that we will all meet in heaven! I feel he is looking out for us! Thank you Jim for being was an HONOR and PRIVILEGE to be related to a "gentle" man such as YOU!I LOVE YOU!!!Cousin Tami

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