Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Day of Remembrance - April 11, 2009

Many of Jim's friends either contacted me or dropped by on the anniversary of Jim's death, April 11, to let me know how much they love Jim and miss him. We had a beautiful weather day - just as Jim would have liked. Jim's girlfriend, Angie, came from Las Vegas and spent a long weekend with me. It was wonderful to have Angie here. Jim's first girlfriend from high school days, Lisa, stopped by with her mom as well. The high school buddies - Zach, Will, Chris, Tony, and Tim were place else they would rather be then with Julie and me..... Pictures were pulled out and stories were told. We lovingly placed the multitude of beautiful garden stepping stones in Jim's memorial garden. Thank you all who participated in this ceremony of remembrance. I so appreciate and love each person who stopped by, called or sent me a message on April 11.

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