Saturday, May 2, 2009

A message from one of Jim's friends in Las Vegas

It's been a year and there hasn't been a day that passes by that Jim hasn't been in my thoughts. I hope everyday that you and your family find justice for Jim. I still remember the last conversation I had with Jim. Again it was like 3am, he was excited to tell me that he was planning on coming back to Vegas and wanted to get together. I told him sure we'll do lunch or something, I had to cut the conversation short, told him the baby had been keeping me up and I was tired. Little did I know this was the last time we'd talk. I miss him so much. I know this was a difficult month for you and your family I hope things are getting better. I have two little ones myself and could not imagine if I lost one of them. I check the website regularly hoping to see that there has been a development in the case. I read all the comments and have found comfort in knowing how much people loved him and have gotten to know him even more through the stories that all his friends and family have shared. I am grateful for the privilege to have known him, shared moments with him and to have had the chance to call him my friend. Mylah

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