Monday, April 10, 2017

Nine years and still no answers

Jim, everyday I think of you: your infectious laugh, that big dimpled smile and your sparkling blue eyes. I miss your phone calls (still remember your cell phone number - still have it in my phone); I miss your sense of humor and the cards you'd send me for my birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day.  I loved your hugs and miss them so.  There are times when I hear you say, "I love you Mom" and my heart soars, only to sink when I realize you're not standing there.  I see you often in my dreams but I think not often enough.  I loved having you for those precious 27 years and so wish I could have had you forever.

It's been nine years since you departed and it feels like yesterday.  How can it really be nine years? I haven't seen nine years of action by the police department investigating your murder - I mean, shouldn't it be solved by now?!  Shouldn't justice have been served and answers given??  People are quick to tell me that they've heard of cases taking 20 + years to if somehow I should be satisfied with that and say, "Oh okay, I just have to be patient and wait then".  Patience has never been my strong suit and taking 20 + years to solve a murder is wrong on all levels.  I won't give up hope for justice Jim, but it sure is hard.

I hold your memory close to my heart always.  I miss you and love you till the end of my time.


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