Thursday, April 11, 2019

The number 11

Jim was born on the 11th of January 1981, passed on the 11th of April, 2008 and now here it is 11 years later and still no justice. It is hard to comprehend....this past year the North Miami Police Department cold-cased the investigation that produced no more each year than it did the first year.  I have a very low opinion of the detectives and the effort they put forth in Jim's case. So frustrating.

Despite, after 11 years I'm doing well.  It's been such a long haul. I miss Jim daily and speak to him all the time, I tell him I miss him and wish he were here.  I've learned to pull myself out of the "I miss Jim" doldrums and simply cherish the memories and love talking to others about him.  I love when I see signs from him, his way of saying, " I'm right here, Mom!  I love when I see him in my dreams and especially love seeing bits of him in each of my grand kids; and, I love how much they love an uncle they barely or never knew. 

So much has changed in 11 years, so much Jim has missed. 

I miss you Jim.  You are so loved.  Keep sending me signs that you are there....they keep me going.

Love, MOM

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